This is one of the many poems I have. 

I encourage myself with it whenever I am down and feel heavy storms around me.

I hope it helps uplift your soul today.


It may be hard.

It may be bad.

But be cool,

Lest you want to be fooled.
It may bring you hard decisions.

And you will make bad solutions.

You may have million fights,

 to prove yourself right.

Wrongs you will make…

To show you are not fake

Hopefully, it is bearable. 
Life is not a silver platter.

Surely, it is not a rainbow feather,

That can lift your storm,

Because life itself is the storm.
Just know it is never fair. 

Family too may never be there.

Faith you may lack,

And your journey may lack luck
  In all,

Just know,

You are strong.

To do the don’ts. 
You make your own path..

To suffer no wrath.

Your journey is your own,

And yours alone.

Walk at your pace,

To the end of your beautiful fate,

Because this is Life!


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