There’s one thing we can all attest to in life, that a moment spent can never be recovered. We live in a World that is on a roller coaster. A world bound for drastic changes. To see that we don’t retrogress but progress.

      As I was growing up, people that talked about the old days sounded delusional to me. The reason being that, I thought living in this modern day was the order of the day. The drastic changes in technology and all other changes that have brought the world into a new world.

    But going  on in life, I have come to agree that ‘people seem to get nostalgic about a lot of things they weren’t so crazy about first hand.’ You realise you miss the days more as you are not able to go back in time.

As a nineties baby, I tend to miss the old days more for the memories stored on it and the nostalgic feeling I get when the thought comes to mind. 

I mean who knew the world could come this far?

We spent most of our time learning the don’t about our culture, cooking, running tedious errands and getting beating for the slightest disrespect to elders.

We lived in that time when technology had really started germinating. I mean, we didn’t really have access to Phones and all those gadgets available today.  A whole town could have access to just one communication center as they called it then. You don’t have a personal private number but that of the communication center. If that brother in America calls the center, you are the oga of the day. Every other creature in your area would hear that you got a call. I vividly remember one time my mother had a call, I was so determined to follow her to the center. Unfortunately,  I was walking while she was running, I just had to give up for good.

   Those times, if your neighbour owns a television then hallelujah!, you know what’s up. The black and white color didn’t matter. All you needed was to sit before the screen and have a good time. If you are not lucky enough, you would have to carry your own stool to that far place just to watch tele.  

All nineties babies can relate to our letter writings. Those times letter writing was our only way of communicating to our crushes, lovers and friends. We had no particular rule of writing letters to our loved ones. You just had to impress. Yes, you just had to impress with words you had no idea what they meant. With all the beautifully adorned A4 sheets, you needed only a colorful pen and your big words would manifest. I still remember my colorful sparkly pens. You put the pen on paper and you see the ink Sparkling beautifully. 

Talk of our fashion sense, bell jeans was expensive yet, getting yourself one was a winning game for you. You would wear it with pride combined with a crop top.  The jeans was not gender biased, men wore it too and their ‘otofista’ was that bad!.

Photography was bae then, if you don’t squat, hold your waist or lean by that tree near by, then you don’t have a perfect picture.

Nothing would have been  perfect without elementary School.  You can confirm if you went to a government school. Every Friday was holiday!. By 12.00PM, teaching  has closed whilst closing is at 2.00PM. The 2 hours left was for playing. Oh how I loved those play times. We would play all sort of games and get ourselves dirty without minding the knocks awaiting us home.

Considering when you get a new uniform. You would iron it, fold it into a spider Web at the back and wait patiently for Monday to come. You will go to school very early and behave like a new elected prefect. That was really fun! 

Those time was when we made good friends. Everyone was equal,  you wouldn’t choose your friends based on looks or wealth. We had the same objectives.To grow together and be great together.

Our brothers were our heroes. They would fight battles even if it means they getting beating. That was real love. 

In our time was the beginning of the end of puberty rites. Well some region still stand by the practice. We didn’t see much of it but the talk of it alone placed a fear in us to keep ourselves from boys, stay pure and bring glory to your family. Things have changed now! 

During nineties Christmas,  we didn’t care how our parents would get us a Christmas dress. We didn’t care if they could afford or not. We just needed to look good on Christmas day. By hook or crook they would have to buy us our dresses coupled with hand bags and hats. For the shoes, we wanted the shinny ones and our three sister socks would work the magic on our foot

That Christmas Sunday,  everyone would know you have a new dress. After church we will just be roaming from house to house for Christmas gifts when our main intention is to showcase our dresses.

Again we so much were limited by superstition. You don’t play ‘nkuro’ in the evening lest you want to be visited by a ghost at night. Like who believes that? In our own special way we curbed that saying by burning a strand of our hair whenever we play into the night. It always worked!. Smart we were.

Talk of not whistling at night because of dwarves.  Haha I wish I believe that now.

These memories make  me miss the old days even more as I believe those times kept our lives in check as compared to these days. 

We can only have a still born wish to go back or we can live with the memory because that’s all we have got to keep.
You can add any good memory you have about the good old days.



  1. When seniors were seniors in SHS. Eating from the same bowl with the family and gathering around an elder on a full moon at night to listen to ananse stories n other historical stories, Playing and bathing outside .God bless our oldies.
    Nice write-up hun. Computer babies have missed a lot


  2. Woooooooow that’s my English student…….I’m proud of you Mili.

    I remember the 80s when you didn’t need the presence of you parents to behave, where you knew that you would be given the beating of you life either by your teacher, uncle, aunt, or family friend should you falter and sure to receive even more beatings at home should your own parents find out.

    I remember those days when mere holding of each other’s hands while walking outside was all it meant to be in love with little knowledge and interest in sex.

    I remember “bongrace” which I grew to know is actually “bearings” …….(a moving flat board fitted with 3 bearing as wheels) that got me my first ever deep cut due to accident because it had no breaks.

    I remember the lanten, the food wrapped in leaves, the box iron, the boneshaker truck and “waatonkyene”. The ice water seller that used just 1 cup to serve all customers.

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