The Irony 

    How would you like it if you woke up to a nice spiritual TV channel, i mean spiritually spiritual?. I am sure you are wondering what that could do to your life right?. Well, don’t think too far because I know it will make your morning life more exciting.  You will get yourself treated with a lot of laughter till your lungs burst and your ribs break.

  It is a new entertainment I have found on TV and it’s a special recommendation from Me.

Once you are up from bed, switch on your television and tune in to OBTV, Prophet1 channel, and the others.oops! You better have your morning devotion or quiet time first lest you want to be lured into believing the unbelievable.

Yes, I said unbelievable because as you start watching, you will realise you are swimming majestically in a pool of illusions and made up stories. 

You will get thrilled with different forms of prophecies, offerings that kill the enemy,  prayers that shoot witches dead and spiritual visions that tell you the hour you will die.

The many events I can’t talk about just a few.

“Man, you are left with just two minutes to die, God said I should redeem you from that impending death. Go I have saved you” . Like for real? 😅 I can only laugh out loud.

That’s just the start, prophet one will look at a very fine gentleman, who has nothing doing with his life just his tail between his legs, talk to him like he feeds him with oxygen and say ” man, you carry the “shots” of a pregnant woman on your head” haha that’s must be very heavy and only the number 1 prophet can offload it for you my guy. I’m just sorry for you.

Being serious as it is, the spirit of the Lord always fishes out the person in the hands of  “doers” but I have never heard of it exposing the fornicators, thieves, adulterers and all the sinful beings like my self. It will be fun!.

The good thing is, these channels don’t preach about salvation, nah nah they don’t scare, they don’t pinch you hard to work for your end. With them, you can only pray for riches, good health, all the vanities of this world and kill your enemies as a plus to the bonus! .

Prophet 1 calls you and you dare walk? I bet you don’t need that miracle enough. You would run like Usain on the track and kneel for your blessings. You can also give your offering of 500cedis to get promoted at work or better still you can either buy the “red egg or the white egg” to curse that demon in your family. What else do you want? 
Have you heard ANGEL OBINIM can appear in your dream? Well, he’s done that so many times and bet you, he can whip that bad spirit in your dream for you. Take that problem to him and he will fight in the spiritual realm for you. If you doubt, he will prove you wrong with his records of opening Jesus’ tomb so he could ascend to heaven. He can also turn into anything he wants as your situation will demand. He is that close to God. 

Okay here we go again. “There is someone here whose flesh is being cooked by witches. It is left with just five minutes for  the flesh to be well cooked. You will die within 5 minutes so come here now!”. There, you will see this beautiful woman coming out of the croud. Where at all did you get the strength to even walk? You are supposed to be burning with pain so how?    Ah well, it’s a spiritual matter so who am I to question?.

When will our eyes be opened?

Ironically, this is not funny any more because it is about people.

You will see thousands of strong energetic men trooping into these people’s camps; just for a miracle.  I am not saying they are not true or anything.

my problem is, is everything they say and do true? Are people just being too naive and ignorant? 

You don’t sit idle and expect God to bless you. They will only squander your money and multiply your problems for you.

young man, you could have used that precious time spent in their camps in search of treasures and make your life sparkle a little bit. 

If you want miracles, work for it because if you keep waiting on them,  stories would always be cooked for you.

The truth hurts yet we can’t overlook it and pretend all is well in this. There is nothing absolutely well about this.

I have said my mind!!!


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