• So this happens to be my very first post and it’s about a friend?. i must say, no interesting blogger would venture this route of mine. why should it always be about serious topics when we can have fun around it. nobody gets out of life alive so cut down on the seriousness a bit and live it.

    this is just like breaking rules in school, the punishment is always painful but as long as you enjoyed breaking the rules, the punishment is fun too

    I am not writing because i want to test how i can write, i am writing because you did this for me. You have made it possible!

    I am writing about my best friend for some good reasons not because i love her but because she loves me even more.

    i don’t remember the exact day i met her but i still remember the year 2009.  we met in a general art class, specifically literature class. we both loved reading and started exchanging novels. though she had her favorite authors she still enjoyed mine too. we could sit and talk about stories all day and never get bored.

    Our friendship got stronger by the day and that’s because we talked on books a lot.

    We spent four good and bad years in senior high school {knust shs}. i must say, it was a lot of fun. she was a good late comer and was never sorry for that. unlike me, she was never in trouble. i never saw a day she fought with someone. always with a smiley face and was always ready to fool if the need be.

    There was something peculiar about her. you see, she would always tell me she doesn’t get time to study, after writing an exams, she will come to you with a sad face and say she has deviated all her answers. The results will come and she is among the first five while i who never deviates an answer will be among the sixteens. like for real. she was very intelligent and still is.

    2013, we completed senior high and within a twinkle of an eye, she had gained admission to study B.A Publishing in KNUST.  Our joy could not be measured because that was a dream come true for us. for me, i had write my maths again and that was another year of home alone and boredom. we kept in touch all the while.

    While home, i began to polish my writing skills, sing well and pray for an entry into the  university. well, after passing my math exams, i had to stay another year for circumstances best kept uncovered. My best friend was still there, she would encourage me, read any stupid thing i write and still urge me to keep writing.

    I got into the university and our fooling continued. we saw ourselves grown and started talking about boys. the thing is, during shs days we had crushes and fantasies about boys but none of them survived with us. She remembers.

    We have million fantasies we would want to make reality.

    she has believed in me since day one of our journey.

    i told her i wanted to start my own blog and she listened. she later informed me that, they were about learning how to create websites, blogs and other stuffs. she said, ‘don’t worry i will do it for you when i am done learning’.  I pretty sure she learned it fast because of me’

    True to her words, here i am blogging!

    I deem it a great privilege to have you as a friend.

    I am writing this in dedication of her because she has made this possible and i appreciate it very much. Not every friend would like to see me go higher in life.

    We have come a long way!

    At least, i can tell the world about you if there’s nothing i can give you.

    Next week is your graduation, shada paa and graduate in style best friend.

    Her name is Jasmine Akoba Gloria, if you cant pronounce the Akoba, you can say say ‘akoko ba’



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